Children at Risk in Israel

Children are not a private issue – the core family is not a safe place for children to be – says Mirav Michaeli, Politician in Israel.

She continues:
“The alternative model is not about love and not marriage. It doesn’t have anything to do with who you make a child with and we need to start breaking it apart.  Instead of marriage the State should offer two kinds of agreement.  The first is custody of the child.  The child can have more than two parents.  The person who takes responsibility needs to be obligated for criteria which the State decides upon.  The State is all of us in a democracy, all together we decide what it means to be a parent.  The default option should be a shared household.  Social, economical, financial aspects only discussed in divorce no marriage, and there is no need to rely on just a couple.”

Stop the devastating part of marriage – the unrecognized part women play in caring for the house and children.

The feminist agenda is making strong inroads into dismantling the family in Israel. In a startling documentary, the urban legend of Israeli activists was finally confirmed. Over 20,000 children are taken from their parents annually and a profit to private institutions is created of over 17,000 NIS every single month per child. (almost $5000)  The former CEO of the Welfare Mr. Yossi Silman blew the whistle on a national TV documentary revealing that at least 50% of the children do NOT need to be removed from their parents.

Israel is one of the last remaining countries in the Western World with the law that all children MUST be given to children aged 6 and under to the mother, whether or not she is fit for purpose.


Whilst politicians may believe children are at risk in a core family, the families themselves are fighting to keep their children who they confirm are at more risk from the Welfare Services.


Fathers who lose their children in the first instance of separation are forced in parental assessments, and alienated from their children. Children suffer the trauma of having to go to child contact centres which for young children can cause huge trauma.


Children are taken from siblings, in a seemingly random selection from families. Millions of dollars are spent in litigation to try and have children returned from foster families or institutions.  The UNCRC – UN Childrens’ Rights Charter, has still not produced an independent ombudsman for the child in Israel, nor any changes in the laws recognizing the right of the child.