Why I choose this subject?

An irretrievable part of my existence was lost forever.  It took one year and 3 court appeals to be allowed to see my newborn son.

A one night stand. No violence. No strings attached.  How did I become the most despised father on earth?  A situation twisted beyond compare.

Having this experience in mind, I began a deep research into why some mothers are doing this psychological abuse against fathers.

It didn’t take me long to discover that the “End is Near” nowadays, or some “Men Go Their Own Ways” MGTOW.

Or the existence of “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to call attention of sexual intolerance and satirises issues of gender and morality. While on top of this circus others believe in a sperm war happening all over the world.

And “radfems” or Radical Feminism within wealthy Nordic States like Norway and Sweden especially, leading the Amazonian crowd.

I didn’t know much about Israel, only that Baby Jesus was born there, and nowadays Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. A highly developed nation of smart and wealthy working people. And the Palestinians.

That’s how i discovered also that Jewish radical feminism ideological roots are well established by: Emma Goldman with her famous quote “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution”, Shulamith Firestone, Rosa Luxemburg, Judy Brown, Gloria Steinem, and many more.


So i did a “israel feminism” search hoping for the best…

And there it was – a video by Marianne Azizi: “Leading Criminal Lawyer in Israel talks about how the criminalisation of men happens”

Few dozen views, bad sound, bad image – but a JAW DROPPING INTERVIEW! That lawyer is a brilliant speaker.



All of them so well hidden, so much unknown. And on the fundamental topic of human rights, children and family.

There are enough miracles in the struggles of these people to move mountains. As it is, sadness and despair prevails.

I had found a treasure! With this in mind I contacted Marianne to introduce me to some of these cases. Soon after, I was there filming.

The filming sessions where extremely short. I recorded about 26H of raw footage, running and gunning in two sessions of about 10 intense days each.


“No Exit Order” documentary has three main characters. One mother, one father and a journalist. The parents are two completely separate social cases. And Marianne with her own struggles as a freelance journalist reporting on social and civil rights cases.

The guys are hidden gems, and I’m convinced they only need a drop of international attention and they can reveal who they really are, for everyone to see.


The purpose of this documentary movie is to give hope to those in need and a voice to those unheard. Succeeding is a major achievement.

Why Israel?

The whole world has a challenge with their relevant child protection services, and Israel is no different. There are some unique issues which made the documentary of special interest. Set in the backdrop of anti corruption protests and judicial corruption protests, the film shows the efforts parents need to make to have their children returned to them.


Why “No Exit Order”?

The “No Exit Order” is practically unheard of in the Western World. A travel ban which prevents people from leaving the country. Fathers in divorce face the inevitability that they will be unable to travel without often depositing child support payments which could be as much as the whole lifetime of the child in advance. They are expected to provide guarantors in Israel who will vouch for any payments whilst they are outside of the country. This leaves the majority unable to leave, as few if any people will take on the debts or potential debts of another.


The main characters

One father – a professional, educated previously wealthy physicist. One day he discovers the mother of his child has gone. She has moved away without notifying him. He begins an earnest effort to prove his innocence of false claims against him. The documentary shows his every day life, now in ruins as his work dissipates and his income dries up. The legal system is stacked against him. He cannot receive legal aid, despite approaching poverty. Facing a barrage of demands from the Social Workers and courts, he has become enmeshed in the system, fighting on all fronts.


One mother – an educated, culturally aware woman. Her children were taken from the family on unproved claims of being educationally behind at school. With family support, she decides to fight the system in the hope of having her children returned. The documentary shows how the focus has taken over every waking minute of her life, and how she believes she will be the one who will win.


Marianne Azizi – connecting the characters, and many others in her journey around Israel, invited by the victims themselves.  She takes us through a journey to meet lawyers, other parents, and was led into becoming a freelance journalist, because of her own experiences in Israel.  She finds herself back in Israel time after time at the request of the parents who need an international voice.  Her support of people against the radical feminist agenda in Israel causes her both happiness and pain.  We see her tears as she struggles with those who feel things should be kept secret within the borders of Israel and the Hebrew language.  Time after time she meets people in despair, trying to connect them to support.  She keeps her belief that each person can win their battles.  Some have.

The case of Antisemitism

One of the topics of discussion before proceeding with this documentary, was the question of Antisemism. Would it become a political hot potato to observe the Israelis in daily life with struggles through Welfare and family courts. It was a subject not to be treated lightly. Finally, it was decided that as the people themselves wanted international awareness of their situation it was appropriate to make the film.